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  • You serve a generous God

    You serve a generous God

    Do you see serving the Lord as requiring sacrifices of your own time, energy, and heart? The truth is, it does! But watch this clip and see how we can never outgive our amazingly generous Lord. (You can read more about how Jesus borrowed Simon Peter’s boat as His preaching platform, and what happens after […] More

  • The love that never lets you go The love that never lets you go

    The love that never lets you go

    Have you ever experienced the pain of unrequited love? Perhaps it was when someone didn’t feel the same way about you as you did about him/her. Or when your child didn’t want a hug or refused to speak to you for weeks on end. Maybe you’ve tried to reach out to an estranged friend or […] More

  • God's grace: Endless, His love: Relentless

    God’s grace: Endless, His love: Relentless

    Watch to see how Daddy God provides wave upon wave of His practical supply that > all of life’s demands (John 1:16). See how He lavishes His love upon you like the endless ocean waves embracing the shore. More

  • God satisfies you with long life

    God satisfies you with long life

    Have you always believed that God dictates how long each of us will live? That our lifespans as mere mortals are set in stone by a higher power and completely out of our control? Then you’ve gotta watch this video—the truth might surprise you! More

  • Yes, you can #uglycry before the Lord.

    Yes, you can #uglycry before the Lord.

    Pouring our hearts out before the Lord can feel really foreign, but David in the Bible, who was known for doing so, once said of God: “Tell him all your troubles and pour out your heart-longings to him. Believe me when I tell you—he will help you!” (Ps 62:8 TPT). And help David, God did—time […] More

  • Freebie Friday

    Freebie Friday (April 2018): Phone and Tablet Lockscreens

    It’s FREEBIE FRI-YAY yet again, friends! We know you guys really enjoyed the wallpapers we released in January which carried messages from God, so we’re back with MORE. May these new swag, with powerful messages adapted from God’s Word, bring peace and encouragement to you every day! P.S. We adapted them from Isaiah 43:2 (NLT), […] More

  • The War Against Worthlessness

    The War Against Worthlessness (Love Has Won the War Part 5/6)

    “You’re just too difficult to love.” “You’re not worth anyone’s love.” Have you felt this way before? Friend, don’t live another day with these lies any longer. You’ve gotta watch today’s clip to see just how much you mean to the Lord of the universe Himself, and how much He DELIGHTS in loving you. How […] More

  • the-war-against-guilt

    The War Against Guilt (Love Has Won the War Part 4/6)

    Ever felt horrible about something you’ve done (even if you were never found out), like guilt was gonna consume you whole? The bitter irony’s that we’re usually doomed to repeat the things we beat ourselves up for. We think, “God’s already disappointed in me, so why not just go all the way?” But this Good […] More

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