A prayer for Dads

BLESSED FATHER’S DAY! From killing roaches to fixing leaky taps, and just providing for your families in the most practical of ways, we appreciate and honor you, dads!

On this special day, we’ve prepared a video where Pastor Prince himself prays a powerful prayer over all of you. Press play and be refreshed as you see again how your loving heavenly Father wants to lavish His provision, anointing, wisdom and strength upon you today!

Sarah was headed for a career in the newsroom, before God opened the doors for her to be a writer at Joseph Prince Ministries. She now puts out the greatest news of all—the gospel of grace which has transformed countless lives, and continues to do so. She enjoys long walks in nature, and is interested in hearing your story.


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  1. Psalm 92 about David’s fresh anointing has been superceded. I do not teach Pastor Prince this truth about the Better Covenant. This is Jesus’ job. But, Joe, please, know that the New is Better, the Anointing of Christ in us never dissipates, never needs refilling, never needs refreshing. You cannot add to the anointing of Christ in us. You can only declare that we all have it all the time, and all that it means for us in Jesus.
    Prof / Colson Center Centurion Dan Camp

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For the dad who feels unappreciated, watch this.

For the dad who feels unappreciated, watch this.

Having #nofilter with God

Having #nofilter with God