Life is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone.

We live in a world that constantly demands of us. Our generation lives in bondage to many things that keep us from living a full and carefree life. But Jesus came to unveil Himself as the answer to a life worth living.

If you’re here because you’re looking for answers, we don’t have them. But we know who does. His name is Jesus, and regardless of your opinion of Him, we hope His love will give you the strength and encouragement you need to face today.

Who we are.

Decibel is an initiative of Joseph Prince Ministries. We are a digital magazine and an online channel. We kickstart conversations about what faith looks like for Christians living in today’s society.

The team.

Lizzy L. Editor and creative director. Lizzy’s background is in filmmaking and design. She is obsessed with good typography and visual balance. Her favourite hobby is hoarding blank page notebooks and calligraphy tools. 
Kevin L. Content marketer and social media manager. When he is not putting the word out for Decibel’s best content, Kevin is hovering around the comments section taking notes. But before any of that, he starts his day with a cuppa Aeropress coffee. 
Joseph S. Joseph is a UX researcher and video editor who can always be found championing the needs of people who visit Decibel. His background in stage and theatre allows him to do #legit celebrity impersonations. Our team’s personal favourite is Gollum. 
Sarah G. Sarah was headed for a career in the newsroom, before God opened the doors for her to be a writer at Joseph Prince Ministries. She now puts out the greatest news of allthe gospel of grace which has transformed countless lives, and continues to do so. She enjoys long walks in nature, and is interested in hearing your story.
Ben N. Ben used to be an art director at an ad agency before God spoke to him about making art for His legacy. He now spends his days designing for Joseph Prince Ministries and figuring out which shade of blue to use next. He is known for his consistent love of tea and waffles.
Joey O. Joey is a writer who loves all things golden-brown—from chicken nuggets and fries, to Labrador retrievers and corgis. Her pastimes include sharing cute dog videos with her friends and going for strolls along the beach.