No matter what’s happened, I love you. — God

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!

Sometimes though, we fail so terribly in life that we think God cannot possibly love us anymore. But see how that couldn’t be further from the truth, in the story of the prodigal son who probably felt the same way. We’ll let the video do the talking. ☝? Enjoy, and you can read the full story in Luke 15!

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  1. Thank you so very much for your series on God’s love for me. I feel encouraged, and my spirit has been lifted. Thanks again. Yours in Christ.

  2. Thank you for such a beautiful gift. Remind me that God always loves me. Every day of my life I have felt his love, His mercy is always with me, with my family and those around me.

  3. So AWESOME!!! Thank you !!! Perfect LOVE casts out ALL FEAR!!!! OUR Hevenly Father is PERFECT LOVE!!!!! And we know this because of HIS love for us HE gave up HIS SON our LORD JESUS CHRIST, WHO was willing to die ONCE for ALL, NO GREATER LOVE THAN THIS!!!!!!!???

  4. Thank you so very much for the 14 days of daddy god’s and Jesus’ love for me. It helped to fill me up so much with their love for me, and i just soaked it up. I looked forward every day to it. Love, Amelia?❣️

  5. This has been a blessing indeed. For the past 5 years, I have been separated from my wife and children. I trust my Abba to restore us back. Nothing is impossible with Yeshua, because I am His beloved son. He is well pleased with me. I now know he is not judging me.
    Please remember me in prayers for a peaceful restoration. What that is impossible with men, is possible with God.

  6. I have been discouraged these days, but through your letters, I have felt encouraged more and more. Thank God for his endless love. His love surpasses all my understanding!! Thank you Lizzy and pastor Joseph Prince for unveiling his love to me and many people of the world.

  7. Thank you Lizzy, for these 14 days of you enlightening me & others, in these words of Our Abba Father, unfailing love for us. It inspired and lifted me up more then I already believe that He will heal me of all infirmities. God bless you & continue the good works in you.

  8. I thank Jesus for your wonderful talent! Thank you for the 14 days devotionals! Those letters led me to see and be reminded of the heart of God and Jesus! God bless you !

  9. Wow. Thank you Abba Father for loving me even when I could never do anything to deserve it.
    Team Decibel….love you!

  10. Thank you Lizi for the encouragement, these letters reminded me of God’s amazing love and Grace towards me. I’m deeply grateful towards God because He brought into my life pastors Joseph Prince ministries, thank you!!!!!!!!!!God bless all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I see my Heavenly Father in these pages and I FEEL His intimate love for me…and I want more. I hear His voice in these devotional pages. Thank you. No greater weapon against the darkness than the light of His love.

  12. Thank you Lizzie for sharing the Love of God, embedded with thought provoking questions. Enjoyed the 14 day devotional series. God bless you with abundant grace to unveil Him even more. Prayers and Blessings.

  13. Thankyou so much.. Lizzy this was truly an amazing 14days to experience God’s love for me for us.. Praise to God now and forever.. Amen!

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