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  • Should I be complaining to God?

    Should I be complaining to God?

    Who do you rant to when you’ve just had the worst of days at work? Or when things back at home are so dire that you just have no faith to believe it will get better anymore? Well, press play and see how there’s One whom you can ALWAYS turn to with your problems and […] More

  • The words that hold the greatest weight

    The words that hold the greatest weight

    “How does reading God’s Word change anything about my life? I don’t even understand half of what it says!” If you’ve ever asked this question, this video’s for you. Check out the power that God’s Word can have in your life—and find comfort in knowing that even when you don’t fully comprehend everything, His Word […] More

  • Am I hearing God’s voice or my own?

    Am I hearing God’s voice or my own?

    If you’ve ever struggled to distinguish God’s voice from your own, this video’s for you. Paul says that “the word of God…is sharper than any two-edged sword…and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart” (Heb. 4:12). When you can’t figure out who is speaking or what’s the right thing to do, […] More

  • Having #nofilter with God

    Having #nofilter with God

    Hey dads, are y’all used to keeping your problems to yourselves, because you just don’t want to burden your loved ones (and don’t we all do this at times?) But watch and see how God’s THE confidante whom you’ll never have to worry about burdening. You don’t have to come to Him in your Sunday […] More

  • A prayer for Dads

    A prayer for Dads

    BLESSED FATHER’S DAY! From killing roaches to fixing leaky taps, and just providing for your families in the most practical of ways, we appreciate and honor you, dads! On this special day, we’ve prepared a video where Pastor Prince himself prays a powerful prayer over all of you. Press play and be refreshed as you […] More

  • This is how much I love you. – God

    This is how much I love you. - God

    Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise Him (Jesus)…” (Isa. 53:10). Have you ever read this verse and wondered how this could be possible? Watch and find out why in this animated video—with a very sweet and personal story from Joseph himself. Psst: It’s all about God’s extravagant love for you and me—how He willingly […] More

  • Why you can live unafraid

    Why you can live unafraid

    As kids, it might’ve been the imaginary monsters under our beds or those unyielding thunderstorms that kept us up at night. As we got older, we started losing sleep over other things: Our futures (or the lack thereof), or our past mistakes catching up with us. But friend, whatever fears you have today, know that […] More

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