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  • A prayer for Dads

    A prayer for Dads

    BLESSED FATHER’S DAY! From killing roaches to fixing leaky taps, and just providing for your families in the most practical of ways, we appreciate and honor you, dads! On this special day, we’ve prepared a video where Pastor Prince himself prays a powerful prayer over all of you. Press play and be refreshed as you […] More

  • “How much longer do I have to wait, Lord?”

    “How much longer do I have to wait, Lord?”

    Have you been praying to God about the same challenge for the longest time? Are you asking, “How much longer, Lord?” or even, “Will it ever happen, Lord?” Perhaps you’re just so DONE with waiting and want to make things happen with your own hands. But friend, as @hillsongworship’s song, “Seasons”, goes: “Though my waiting […] More

  • Put Jesus In The Midst Of All You Do

    Do the demands of your life seem to be pulling at you from every direction? But crazy as this may sound—Jesus says you don’t have to fulfill any of them on your own. Watch this video to find out why. Lizzy LEditor and creative director. Lizzy’s background is in filmmaking and design. She is obsessed […] More

  • Is it a time of need for you today?

    The Decibel team and everyone at Joseph Prince Ministries is deeply saddened by the losses and damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. Our hearts and our thoughts are with the people of Texas. If you and your loved ones have been affected by the recent storms and Hurricane Harvey, know that the Lord feels your pain […] More