Does God Use Bad Things To Correct Us?

Have you ever heard that God puts sickness on us, or even uses death to discipline us for our wrongdoings? That’s a truly scary thought—but the good news is, God isn’t anything like that. Watch this video, and let your heart be set free from fear.

Editor and creative director. Lizzy’s background is in filmmaking and design. She is obsessed with good typography and visual balance. Her favourite hobby is hoarding blank page notebooks and calligraphy tools.


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  1. Praise the Lord Almighty for Pastor Prince. I just love his sermons, he was so anointed with God holy spirit in him and everytimes I hear his message I was so lifted and feeling God’s love and grace coming upon me like the waves of the sea, one fold by another. God bless you and your family Pastor Prince.?

  2. Gracias (thank you) Holy Spirit for sharing info to pastor what Jesus & Father God revealed at that MOMENT…so beautiful!!! ? JESUS, thank YOU for the RANSOM PRICE “PAID IN FULL” by your BLOOD for us ALL (and BEFORE we were BORN…whuuuwhuuuuuhl … and for qualifying us with your BLOOD) ? ?. Such a merciful ABBA father God with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE DAILY !!!?

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