God will never give up on you

Know what it’s like to be burnt out and exhausted, feeling all used up and abandoned because you’ve “outlived your usefulness”?

Then you’ve gotta watch this video and allow God’s truth to set you free. See how God, in His great grace, doesn’t even extinguish a smoking flax (think a charred candle wick giving out a stench)—a picture of us when we’re burnt out and feeling completely worthless.

Hit the play button and tag three friends who could do with some encouragement today!

Joey is a writer who loves all things golden-brown—from chicken nuggets and fries, to Labrador retrievers and corgis. Her pastimes include sharing cute dog videos with her friends and going for strolls along the beach.


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  1. I know and believe that when I fill 🔥 out I am not alone, his word says * when I am wick I am strong with his 💪*…B U all


    Thank you for being a willing and obedient vessel for the LORD to share His awesome message with us! I don’t know about anyone else, but. this is exactly what I needed to hear! God knows what we need and He always deluvers on time! To God be the glory! in Jesus’ name. Amen.

    Blessings beyond measure,

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God won’t leave you, even when you’re broken

God’s listening, even when you haven’t got a prayer left

God’s listening, even when you haven’t got a prayer left