“How much longer do I have to wait, Lord?”

Have you been praying to God about the same challenge for the longest time? Are you asking, “How much longer, Lord?” or even, “Will it ever happen, Lord?” Perhaps you’re just so DONE with waiting and want to make things happen with your own hands. But friend, as @hillsongworship’s song, “Seasons”, goes: “Though my waiting prolongs even greater… I believe that my season will come.” Watch the video above and be encouraged by how this was true for Abraham and Sarah in the Bible, and many other precious couples who brought forth champions after long periods of waiting. And God’s miracle-working power definitely isn’t just limited to bearing children—it’s working in every area you’re trusting Him for. With every passing day, you are one day closer to (not further from!) your answered prayer, my friend. And we believe that God’s gonna answer in a big way that exceeds all your expectations!


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  1. It’s so hard waiting for a miracle and sometimes I feel like God has a banded me or doesn’t care about me like I’ve done something to bad or my sins are to bad to receive any blessings. I don’t know how long I have to wait for my blessings, but I know God’s timing is not and will not always be in line with my timing.

  2. This is awesome, powerful, and so encouraging! Just what I needed… Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless you and this ministry.

  3. As time goes by, all I can do is pray ,worship and just be grateful and thankful i n the mist of my waiting on all that My Beloved has for me. All the Blessings that I know that My Beloved has for me. I Lost my husband on 1-25-15 and this has been the hardest for me . I miss him so much, But I also know that I have a Redeemer who Loves me More than Life itself. And I am Forever Thankful and very Grateful for His Perfect,Perfect Love that He has for me. If it wasn’t for My Beloved Glorious Holy Lord and Saviors Love for me I don’t know where I would be .. I am also very thankful and grateful for my 3 Boys that the Lord has Blessed me and My husband with , they are all older know with children whom I Love so very much . They are my joy !! Hallelujah to my Beloved for His Perfect,Perfect Love that He gives to me each and every day. I’m just waiting on my Beloveds Perfect timing. In the mean time I do know that His Promises are Yes, and Amen to His Children.. For it is The Love of My Beloved Glorious Holy Lord and Savior who gives me strength to carry on each and every day.. I just want My Abba to pour out His Blessings without measure.. Until then I Will keep Praising My Beloved for His Love and Amazing Grace that gives me strength for each and every day because my Beloved knows I need his presence with me every moment of my day , just knowing that I can Pray always at all times in the Spirit.. That is where my Strength comes from praying in The Spirit as much as the Spirit leads me.. He is all I have in this World!! That I Know Truly,Truly Loves me Without measure. And Believe me My Beloved is all my Joy, Peace and all my Love is in Christ Jesus My Holy Lord and Savior… For He is My Glory and the Lifter of My head to carry me through each day … Glory to my King Jesus..

  4. Hey Michael Daniels do not believe the lies of the devil that maybe your sins are too great or you have done some thing very bad to hinder Gods blessings in your life. The truth is you are Rightiousness of God in Christ Jesus ABBA God doesn’t look at your flaws but looks at the finished work of Christ on the Cross to bless you. You are His beloved not because your perfect or sinless but because Lord Jesus died and rose again for your sins and Justification. You are blessed not based on your performance but rather because Christ is your redemption. In Deuteronomy the Bible says God will remember your sins no more. So stop looking at your imperfections and start looking at Jesus because He is your Perfection. And when you start believing your blessed not because of your good or bad behavior you will start to see Gods blessings manifest in your life. Jesus is your right standing in Gods eyes and you are the apple of Gods eye. Be blessed my brother in Christ. In CHRIST love Frida

  5. Wow! This video had me in tears. My husband and I have been waiting for 6 long years now to have children. I woke up today feeling so discouraged and depressed, feeling like Papa hears my prayers but isnt moving to bring manifestation. Literally everyone around me is having babies except for me. I actually asked God in my heart this morning to please give someone a word of knowledge concerning me, and for a word of wisdom. And then this video came through in my inbox today. Thank you for this message. Thank you Papa for the little reminders that you love me so and hear me. Thank you Jesus for your promises are indeed yes and amen. I cant wait to bring forth my little champions.

  6. Once you are saved, the only thing God looks at is the finished work of Jesus Christ. And in Jesus Christ all your sins are eternally forgiven, and all the victory , the blessing, the miracle and the solution you will ever need in your life on earth was imputed to you, so you already have the miracle you are looking for, just that it has not manifestation so far.. The path to victory is to keep looking to Jesus Christ and His finished work, while thanking God for manifestation of the miracle. The devils tactic is to get you take your eyes off HIM and look at yourself or your sins, inabilities, failures and then work in your mind and emotions to create doubts to a point where you start saying words of fear or doubt instead of faith. Dont go by what you see or feel but only by the word of God which says you are already blessed with every spiritual blessings in the heavenly places. Be word focussed. – Be blessed, have a blessed day

  7. Ty. Enjoy these mini topics.
    Yes sometimes I do wonder why no answer! That is when I read scriptures & begin rejoicing more.
    Lord it is a joy unspeakable time alone with you.
    Ty team keep up these mini videos. Love your special treats. Ty

  8. for Rosie

    I heard very recentky of a story in the Bible of women wanting childeen & verses in the Bible telling then to
    “SING O BARREN…….”
    Tou will have to check those verses telling the women wanting children to “SING.”

    GOD’s Word is here for us all.
    I am praying for you Rosie.

    In His Love,

    We are thankfull that THE FATHER hold out for us .. so that we be made WHOLE IN THE BODY OF CHRIST.
    so that WE are Ripe for Harvest’
    How perfect is the fathers Love that he holds time 4 US?????

  10. Thank you Pastor Prince: two days ago I watch your sermon where towards the end I believe you said envision yourself as a tree planted by the water and prospering in everything. Well I did my money my bank took from me for excessive over charge fees was deposited back to my account.

  11. Ive aask myself WHY? Isnt God answering my prayers? Is it something ive done or havent done? Is his timing different from my timing? Meanwhile my grandson is getting older and Im sure hes giving up on me coming to get him or see him..My daughter age 27 passed away Feb.3rd 2017 and in the dtate of Fl grand parents have NO parental rights to the children if their biological fathers step up an complete a case plan ..which he did reassuring me the whole time hed never take him totally away from me because he knows I raised him and his brother since birth in my home.He didnt even have a relationship at all with my grandson lirally saw him 3 times in his whole life and he was 7 at the time this happened..my heart is broken I see his sibblings my other grandchhildren but not my oldest the eldest grandson the 1st Boy in my family my son! I pray! And pray having faith I know he will bring him home but when i dont know..im missing out on everything in his life .I understand his father needs a relationship an would never deny him that .I Love him! But to take him fully away makes me wounder what type of man is raising my Son ..no compassion or empthy for the feeling of my son.God told me in the spirit he will reunite us …but when ?..can my heart take this pain much longer..?will my son blame me for not finding him? I was confronted by a stranger today which prayed for me ..not knowing the situation..prophicied to me about a rainbow covent between us that he will reunite my family i was so thankful just kbowing God has heard my plee and tears of pain and is still working on it..so this is more a testimony That the father is not a liar he is TRUTH! And I will see my baby boy soon ! Thank you Jesus My King I praise you in the Highest! Your faithful daughter

  12. i hope all you mothers out there had a wonderful mothers day⚘
    how much does JESUS have it HIM TO LOVE? ❤ we All know Amen to Infinity and beyond. how much then does HE Love HIS own Mother. The Truly Good mother Mary THE BLESSED VIRGIN
    the 5th commandment HONOR THY FATHER AND THY MOTHER…
    as inn both’ xo but the SPIRIT having been given freely like a Rose .. but even a Rose in ALL ITS GLORY HONORS THE FATHER 24/7
    when Having recieved Wisdom of the 1 TRUE SPIRIT you can decern how to Praise and worship in a proper way

  13. Ooooh God this is ..like ..wooow…I can’t explain….all honour and glory to him this video has really changed my view on God’s delays..

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You serve a generous God

You serve a generous God

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Here’s the Number #1 antidote to stress and worry