Interview with Leeland (Live @ Studio)

Video | 27:43min

We sat down with lead singer of Leeland, Leeland Mooring, during a studio recording here at Decibel and had the chance to ask him a few questions!

In an age of #feedgoals and G.O.A.Ts, rejection and insecurity have never been more of an issue now than ever. But hear why you don’t have to wear rejection on your sleeve and allow that to shape the way you live and treat others.

02:00 – On social media and comparison
02:45 – On destiny and what true success looks like
06:55 – On the importance of being part of community and the local church
11:23 – On the power of meditating on the Word of God to conquer anxiety and depression
20:58 – On dealing with addiction
23:32 – On how to live a life full of intention
25:28 – A prayer for young people

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