Is God still good when bad things happen?

Ever been through seasons where life seems to make no sense at all and the question that’s hanging on your lips is “Why God, why?” Press play to see how God is still working behind the scenes for your good, even in these painful and confusing times. Friend, He is still a good God, His heart still burns with love for you, and He is able to work all things out for your good (Rom 8:28). Don’t lose hope! We’re cheering you on today.


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  1. In any state of confusion, we remain focus unto our God, for behind any scene is for our good who believe in Him
    Glory be to God

  2. Amen, our God is always a good Father in heaven in whom we can can trust in whathever situations we have in this world.

  3. Yes Abba Father is a good God. I am also planning for a second baby now at 44 years old, though I am still trying ( for more than 6 months now), I know He will give me the best when the time is right for Him and like what Pastor Prince said he will give me a champion and I told on to that cos God is a good God that never break his promises. I love Him because He first loves me.

  4. Indeed Jesus our ABBA is a good God… at my lowest point HE lead me to this message and video .
    Thank you Jesus and Sarah G

    • Dear Sarah,

      Thank you for your encouragement.

      Indeed I have been going through the most challenging moments of my life.

      I lost my husband last year on 29th September, 2017, after a very tough and challenging marriage, where my husband betrayed me with other women for over 6 years and ended up fathering four children out-side our marriage. I am now a widow and HIV/POSITIVE.

      But through Pastor Prince’s daily inspirations on my e-mail and DAYSTAR/ FAITH/ TBN, I have received healing for my soul and have forgiven all the people that wronged me in my life.

      I want to find out from Pastor Prince, how often I can take Holy Communion on my own with my family at home.

      Thank you for your quick reply.

  5. I watched part of the tv series 13 reasons
    A girl 16 & Up in her school miseries committed sucide ?
    I was crying in my heart remembering my high school days. The greatest differance was I had faith in Christ Jesus. No where during this series was any mention of faith, Jesus, worshipping, or even going to any service. Oh the love of faith in Jesus gives.
    It is true He gives us more abundant living because He loves us more.
    Not material lovr but genuine feel great love you know He cares all about you.
    If any one is out there regretting there existance you need Jesus just as you are love. The Bible is everyones written anointed words of your instruction manuel God’s wisdom to help you receive Jesus help in your living life daily.
    Praying for evetyone.
    Lost you have devil trying ti keep you in his lies, it does not matter if you go to church or not. That is lies if you want eternity in heaven you have to ask Jesus forgiveness be set free.
    You need Him to be within you contilually. You cannot life alone without His love for you.
    Ps 139 explaines how important you are to Him. God wanted a family so He caused Mary to be with Holy Spirits child. God with us miracle baby. Love in action.

  6. Hi, May I know what’s the title of this sermon? I want to listen to the full version of this sermon. Thank you very much!

  7. This touched my heart. My son died by suicide at 18years of age. It was a year and a half ago. I am committed to being there for teens to support them in what ever say I can. Please pray for me that I will have the opportunity and courage to travel this rewarding and sometimes dark road.
    May God bless you

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