Let God love you first.

If you’ve ever heard “You gotta love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength…” and felt so tired, this video is just what you need. Press play to discover the liberating truth about what loving God really looks like, and allow Him to refresh your soul!


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  1. I am from Ottawa Canada. Your teaching on the grace of God has removed the fear of God from me. Thank you. I read your daily emails as they give me strength and encouragement and greater faith in the love of God.

  2. Oh this is sooooo good on let God love you first. It is so liberating and truthful and freeing. Pastor prince has such an annointing on him to minister the word to bring the good news and set captives free. He says what most of us already think but were or are afraid to say to god out of fear. And praise god, he loves us so much and he doesnt want us fearful of him or fearing him because he is our “daddy”, our father, our Abba. And oh i soooo needed the revelation of this. Thank u “daddy” for u and for Jesus and for Holy Spirit and for setting us free and really loving us first, so we could know love and love back. Thank u God for your grace, who is Jesus our Lord, so that now we r your beloved as well. Sincerely Amelia?????✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️

  3. I struggle with this one for sure. My faith encourages me to let God lead. To have patience in the fear and to surrender, turn over to God which we cannot handle. So far, each time I do, something even better happens than I could imagine. I am struggling with a husband who is emotionally and mentally cheating on me. I always say if it was physical I would be out of here. But what makes this different? I pray and have faith that God’s will is working through me and guiding me to the right version of myself. I have learned that my self-will is not always right. And therefore turn the entire situation over to God. There is great pain here and I am learning to maneuver through it. Some folks would think this absurd to live in pain with an unfaithful husband. I don’t know all of the answers but I do trust in a higher power than knows and sees beyond me.

  4. I am NO Biblical scholar, by any stretch of the imagination. First of all, I think that it is obvious that God did care for the Israelites. So I don”t think it”s literally saying that God did not care for them. I think it”s more along the lines of since the Isrealites so often did not follow God”s commandments, he let them suffer the consequences of their sin. He didn”t rescue them or spare them from hardship, because that was how they ultimately learned (though they failed repeatedly, as we do) the power and love of God. To use an illistruation that was used above about parents, sometimes kids have to learn on their own. No matter how often they are told not to do something, they will do it, and sometimes they will hurt themselves doing it. To an outsider, it could look as if the parent didn”t do enough to prevent their child from hurting themselves. Just read the comments about child abductions or lost children! “Why I”d NEVER allow my child to run off! You must not care about your child! But that doesn”t mean the parent doesn”t care about the child.

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