Love Has Won the War (Spoken Word video) (Part 1/6)

Welcome to our Easter series, Love Has Won The War. Over the next week, we’ll be dropping a series of 6 videos all the way till Easter Sunday!

When you think about Easter, what comes to mind? Is it grand battles between the armies of heaven and hell? The image of Jesus hanging on the cross? Thoughts like: “Yes…I know Christ died for me, but what does that mean for me in my everyday?”

But did you know that when Jesus died on that cross for you, He didn’t just win victory in the greatest, most epic war of all eternity. He also won the war for your PEACE today. His love has won every battle against the accusing and condemning lies in your head, and the storms of emotional turmoil that might be raging in your heart. So join us over the next week as we show you, again and again and again, what Jesus’ finished work means for you today in very real and practical ways!

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  1. Amen! LORD JESUS HEALED the sick, lame, blind, deaf and many healings for many people. I thank You Jesus and I praise You Lord. Brothers and sisters, please pray that my first wife and her family members will accept You as their Lord and Savior. Thank you! God bless you and your family members!

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