Temptation: Too hot to handle?

Driving your friend of the opposite gender home “because it’s late.” Watching that movie because you’re sure you can ‘handle’ those steamy scenes. Been there before, thought you had everything under control, only to have things go completely outta hand?

God gets us with all our human failings…and that’s why His advice to FLEE sexual immorality (see 1 Cor. 6:18)—to RUN from it—is still legit today.

Watch and see how God isn’t a dictator denying you pleasure, but your loving Father who wants you to live a life unbridled by the shame of failing in this area. Even if you feel like you’ve failed here before (and we know it’s no laughing matter), God wants to help you find victory over it moving forward. Trust us when we say this 3-minute clip is pretty life-changing!

Sarah was headed for a career in the newsroom, before God opened the doors for her to be a writer at Joseph Prince Ministries. She now puts out the greatest news of all—the gospel of grace which has transformed countless lives, and continues to do so. She enjoys long walks in nature, and is interested in hearing your story.

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