The War Against Worthlessness (Love Has Won the War Part 5/6)

“You’re just too difficult to love.”
“You’re not worth anyone’s love.”

Have you felt this way before? Friend, don’t live another day with these lies any longer. You’ve gotta watch today’s clip to see just how much you mean to the Lord of the universe Himself, and how much He DELIGHTS in loving you. How far He came, from heaven to earth to die the most painful death for you, because it brought Him such joy to save you (see Heb. 12:2). Tag someone who needs to hear this today. ?‍♀

Sarah was headed for a career in the newsroom, before God opened the doors for her to be a writer at Joseph Prince Ministries. She now puts out the greatest news of all—the gospel of grace which has transformed countless lives, and continues to do so. She enjoys long walks in nature, and is interested in hearing your story.


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  1. Deus é bom!! Entro e leio o que está escrito, pois ainda não sei o idioma inglês. Mas sou tão abençoada com as mensagens do Pastor Joseph Prince traduzidas para o português que imagino que as mensagens aqui postadas sejam pequenas gotas de graça. Gotas que nos faz procurar pelo Rio do Espirito Santo que flui na vida desse ministério. Deus é muito, muito bom!!!

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