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5 reminders of God’s protection to hold on to

Video | 6:45 min

Whether it is protection from contagious viruses, accidents, or unexpected attacks, God’s Word assures us that the Lord is watching over us 24/7, He keeps us safe under His wings, and His heart is to deliver us from all kinds of danger—seen and unseen.

We pray that as you check out this collection of videos that we’ve specially put together for you, you will allow God’s unshakable Word to fortify and set your heart in His shalom peace today. Child of God, you can put your trust in your heavenly Father, who lovingly and tirelessly watches over you and your loved ones. Amen? đź’–

“He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are you’re armor and protection.” (Ps. 91:4 NLT)

These clips are from:
1. Find Hope And Refuge In Dark Times (4 Sep 2016)
2. Find Protection Under His Wings (20 Mar 2016)
3. Draw The Blood Line Of Protection (19 Aug 2018)
4. The God Who Goes Before You (11 Sep 2016)
5. The God Who Goes Before You (11 Sep 2016)

Categories: Encouragement, Fear & Worry, God's Plan, Hope, Protection, Uncertainty

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