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Before the breakthrough: What keeps us believing?

Video | 1:40 min

“I’ll believe it when I see it.” Is that you?

Or are you still struggling to live out the quotable quote, “I don’t need to see it to believe it”?

How did the woman who had a blood condition for 12-years believe that would receive her healing, even when she hadn’t seen it yet?

She heard about Jesus. Hearing about how good, kind and loving Jesus was ignited her faith to believe that Jesus could and would heal her. Do you need a new spark of faith to believe today? Especially when you’ve waited as long (or even longer) for your miracle? Hear all about it in our latest video.

This clip is from Listen To The Preached Word And See Breakthroughs (24 Jan 2016)

Categories: Breakthrough, Faith, God's Love, God's Word, Hard Times, Healing

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How to feed your faith

The faith to believe for any physical, mental or emotional healing you need is found in the finished work of Jesus.

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