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“Can I really talk to God about that?”

Video | 1:15 min

Are there things that are hard for you to talk about?

Find out why there’s nothing you can’t talk to your tender, loving Savior about in this video clip.

He knows every detail of your life—yes, even the ones we’re not proud of—but He’s not looking at you with eyes of judgment, He’s looking at you through the lens of His grace.

Beloved, God knows the worst parts about us, but He also sees the very best in us. You can be real with Him. You don’t have to come to Him with fancy words or prayers you think you’re supposed to pray. And you can be sure that He will always listen and respond with His love and kindness. (See Ps. 17:6–7 AMP) ????

This clip is from: Joseph Prince—Pursue The Healer And Be Healed (20 Aug 2017)

Categories: Doubt, God's Love, Guilt & Shame, Relationship With God, Right Believing

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