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Finding it hard to make tough decisions? Watch this!

Video | 3:06 min

If you’re faced with some big or challenging decisions to make at the moment, watch this clip to hear how the Lord leads you daily through the Holy Spirit.

No matter whether you’re figuring out your marriage, finances, career or relationships, the Holy Spirit can teach you anything and everything, and guides you in taking the next step. Together with His Word and godly counsel from trusted leaders around you, God has more than equipped you to win in life! Most importantly, He wants to take the journey with you and do this together.

We pray that as you seek the Holy Spirit’s leading in all you do, you will be sensitized to His peace and prompting, and open to receive His amazing supply of wisdom and understanding!

This clip is from The Spirit-Active Life—How To Make Spirit-Led Decisions (5 Aug 2018)

Categories: God's Word, Hearing God, Holy Spirit, Peace, Spirit-led Living

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