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God wants to be the solution to your problems

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When that job interview doesn’t go well, you come down with a nasty illness, or something way more serious happens, have you ever wondered, “Is God punishing me for something I did wrong?”

Then you gotta check out this short clip and see how God’s heart is nothing like that. At all.

Share this with your friends who need to hear this today. Because we all need some reminding that God isn’t out to get us, but to save us from ourselves and be all that we need—now and always.

This clip is from Break Every Bad Habit With Christ (16 Feb 2014)

This video is part of our series, I Am—get a makeover for your identity AND see God’s loving heart for you. Watch the rest of the clips in this series below.

Categories: Encouragement, God's Love, Provision & Supply, Right Standing With God, Sin

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