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God won’t leave you, even when you’re broken

Video | 1:27 min

Feeling like you’re broken beyond repair?

In a world where broken things are quickly thrown out and replaced, it’s no wonder that we can feel resigned to our brokenness and expect God to do just the same as the world would—throw us out with the trash.

But press play to see a God who doesn’t toss you out when you’re broken—all bruised and beaten up by life or by your own mistakes. Instead, He brings you close and loves you ‘til you’re whole again.

This clip is from Feel Disqualified? God Can Use You! (25 Feb 2018)

This video is part of our series, I Am—get a makeover for your identity AND see God’s loving heart for you. Watch the rest of the clips in this series below.

Categories: God's Love, Identity, Rejection, Restoration, Self-worth

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God will never give up on you

Know what it’s like to be burnt out and exhausted, feeling all used up and abandoned because you’ve “outlived your usefulness”?

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