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How do I know if I’m following the Holy Spirit or just hearing myself?

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Are you finding it tough to sense the leading of the Holy Spirit when making a decision? Or perhaps you’ve felt a prompting but aren’t quite sure if that’s Him or just your own mind talking.

We want to encourage you that being led by the Lord is not as mysterious or difficult as it seems! The Bible says that we hear our Shepherd’s voice and we follow Him (see John 10:27). This means that just as a child naturally recognizes the voice of his or her parent, you will know when God is leading you somewhere. It’s easy to overthink or over-analyze things and become even more confused than when you started. But as you trust the Holy Spirit to lead you restfully and with His peace, trust yourself also to know His prompting when you feel it. With time, the more you sense His voice and allow yourself to be led by it, the more familiar and natural it’ll become to do life with the Holy Spirit!

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This clip is from Following the Promptings of the Spirit (6 Dec 2020)

Categories: Hearing God, Holy Spirit, Peace, Spirit-led Living, Trusting God

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