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“How much longer do I have to wait, Lord?”

Video | 2:20 min

Have you been praying to God about the same challenge for the longest time? Are you asking, “How much longer, Lord?” or even, “Will it ever happen, Lord?” Perhaps you’re just so DONE with waiting and want to make things happen with your own hands. But friend, as @hillsongworship’s song, “Seasons”, goes: “Though my waiting prolongs even greater… I believe that my season will come.”

Watch the video above and be encouraged by how this was true for Abraham and Sarah in the Bible, and many other precious couples who brought forth champions after long periods of waiting. And God’s miracle-working power definitely isn’t just limited to bearing children—it’s working in every area you’re trusting Him for.

With every passing day, you are one day closer to (not further from!) your answered prayer, my friend. And we believe that God’s gonna answer in a big way that exceeds all your expectations!

This clip is from Why Does God Allow Delays? (9 Jun 2016)

Categories: Breakthrough, Hard Times, Hope, Motherhood, Restoration, Waiting

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