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Jesus is the reason for the season

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Blessed Christmas, everyone! As you celebrate this special day with your loved ones, just take just 2 minutes to watch this video, and realize afresh how much the Lord loves you. 🙂

That the God of the universe would send His Son into our world as a baby to die for our sins, and reconcile us unto Himself. He’s the reason we can celebrate Christmas. (And IF for any reason it is a lonely Christmas for you this year, we hope watcing this video makes it a little better. ❤ As we remember how the Lord came to Earth as a baby over 2,000 years ago, don’t forget that He lives in your heart today too (Eph 3:17).

Lotsa hugs, love and Christmas cheer from the Decibel team!

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This clip is from Salvation Is Here (20 Dec 2015)

Categories: Evangelism, Finished Work, God's Love, Grace, Sharing Faith

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