Project Description

Second Chances (animated short film)

Video | 6:51 min

This is the story of 10 year-old Shane; wide-eyed and full of childlike wonder. But what happens when the person he trusts the most fail to keep his promises time and time again? And what happens when you turn into the exact person you promised yourself you’d never be?

Whether you or someone you know are struggling to believe that God, your loving Father, is with you at the close of the year, we pray that this video will be an open invitation to let God embrace you again—no matter how tough your year might’ve been.

Will you give God another chance to show you just how much He loves you? His arms of love (not judgement) are wide open 🙂

Categories: Family, Forgiveness, Illustrations, Overcoming Your Past, Power of Words & Labels, Relationship With God, Relationships, Self-effort

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