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What true happiness looks like

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Friend, did you know that God wants you to be happy? 😀 Yes, He cares about that! One of the reasons Jesus died on the cross for us was so that today, you and I can have true joy. This joy is not dependent on things going well in your life, but it is a joy that comes from deep within, and is a result of having God’s grace in our lives.

What’s so important about joy, you might ask? The Bible says it’s like a medicine for us, releasing healing into our body, mind and soul. (See Prov. 17:22) And we all need this medicine when we go through the sorrows and challenges of life.

Today, as you stand firmly in Christ, receive the joy that your loving Father has given to you, and let it heal and strengthen you in all that you do!

This clip is from The Healing Power Of A Joyful Heart (6 August 2017)

Categories: Encouragement, Finished Work, Hard Times, Healing, Negative Thinking

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