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Why is praying in tongues so powerful?

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Prayer is so powerful because it is asking and trusting God to work on your behalf and to accomplish what you cannot do.  Even more powerful than that is praying in the Spirit because it is not just your own words, but a heavenly language that wields the power of the Holy Spirit. Not only does the Holy Spirit help you pray the most effective prayers (see Rom. 8:26), each word that you speak forth in the Spirit has the power to impart life (see Prov. 4:20–22), break bondages, and bring healing (see Luke 4:18).

If praying in tongues is something unfamiliar to you, know that it is an act of cooperation between you and the Lord where He leads you in praying mighty prayers! You can be assured that while the Holy Spirit gives you the words to say, you are in control all the time.

If you haven’t received the gift of speaking in tongues yet, look out for the prayer by Pastor Prince at the end of this video and receive this powerful gift from the Lord that will change your life!

This clip is from The Key To The Double Portion (13 Sep 2020)

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