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Why should I ask for wisdom?

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It’s the start of a new year and everyone wants to start it off on the right foot. You’ve got your plans and lists ready, and all the determination to stick with them until you’ve hit your goals. Wondering what else you need to succeed?

The answer is wisdom! Watch this video clip to find out why planning, experience, and knowledge are often just not enough, and how God’s wisdom can help you in your daily life. ????

And if you feel like you don’t have the answers for the situations you’re facing, know that you can ask the Lord for wisdom on what to do. He is more than happy to give you ample amounts of wisdom, whenever you need it (see James 1:5).

Friend, your God is a generous God who always wants to set you up for success. Even before you embark on a task, He knows what you need and wants to empower you to flourish and thrive in it. Won’t you allow Him to supply you with wisdom for what you’re going through todays and lead you along the way?

This clip is from How To Pray Powerful Prayers (16 Jun 2013)

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