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Don’t face your struggles alone

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Sometime back, we shared that Jesus is always with you in the storm. Besides Jesus, did you know that God brings other people to walk through life’s seasons with you? We’re not meant to do life alone!

The enemy will always try to isolate us in our night seasons, making us feel we are the only one facing our problem. But our answer is in knowing that those around us go through similar experiences and we are not alone. When you open your heart and share your challenges, don’t be surprised to find others going through the same! There is strength, encouragement, light and God’s restorative power in godly friendships and relationships too.

Can we encourage you to take a step of faith, ask God to point you to a safe person you can be open with, and be vulnerable with a friend today? As you draw strength from God together and encourage one another, truly your breakthrough is on the way!

This clip is from Uncovering the Enemy’s Tactics Against You (11 Feb 2018)

Categories: Community & Friendship, Encouragement, Fear & Worry, The Church, Vulnerability

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