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Don’t let the enemy steal this

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While our enemies today may not look like tall, gruff-looking men chasing after us with spears, there is still an enemy declaring war over us and he wants to take away your consciousness of how loved you are by God.

Hear all about it in this special video and find out how the revelation and consciousness of your identity as God’s beloved, causes you to lead a victorious life! ????

The first thing the enemy does when he wants to attack you, is to attack the consciousness of how loved you are by God. He tries to strip away your identity as the beloved of God, leaving you to think that God doesn’t love you after all.

Beloved, the enemy’s attacks cannot get to you when you know you’re loved by God. Jude 1:21 AMPC reads, “Guard and keep yourselves in the love of God.”

Whatever your challenges today, you can rest safely in the Lord’s immeasurable love for you. Make a conscious, personal decision to focus on His love for you instead of the negative forces against you today. ????

This clip is from: Joseph Prince—Find Hope And Refuge In Dark Times (4 Sep 2016)

Categories: Anxiety & Depression, Fear & Worry, God's Love, Relationship With God, Trusting God

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