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Facing a lack? Here are 6 things God wants you to know today

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In a season of uncertainty, disappointments and loss, it can feel like you are left to figure out how to fend for yourself and your family. But today, we want you to know that more important than knowing what to do is knowing who you can turn to. And you can run to your heavenly Father who isn’t just a loving Father but is also your Provider and Protector. Beloved, you are not doing this alone, you are not left to fend for yourself.

Check out this compilation of videos we have curated for you and be encouraged, knowing that the Lord is your good Father whose heart is not out to get you but to love, to provide and to take care of you.

These clips are from:
1. Find Hope And Refuge In Dark Times (4 Sep 2016) & Jesus Our True Jubilee And Sabbath (30 Sep 2004)
2. Double Honor For Your Shame (16 Mar 2014)
3. The Four Gospels Unlocked For Your Blessings (9 Oct 2016)
4. Live Bold Without Guild And Fear (8 April 2018)
5. Feel Disqualified? God Can Use You! (25 Feb 2018)
6. Experience God’s Sure Kindness Toward You (19 June 2016)

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