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How did a stammerer become a power-packed preacher?

Video | 1:42 min

In this final episode of our Less Is More series, hear Joseph share a personal story of how God’s strength was made perfect in his own weakness—and in fact, made him the preacher he is today! If you’ve ever felt crippled by your flaws, this is for you. When God is in the picture, our weaknesses become canvases for His grace. Press play and send this link to someone whom you know needs to hear this.

This clip is from Turn Your Frustrations Into Breakthroughs (21 May 2017)

This video is part of our series, Less Is More—exciting stories where God turns the seemingly little into overflowing much. Watch the rest of the clips in this series below.

Categories: Addiction, Anxiety & Depression, Fear & Worry, Grace, Self-effort, Self-improvement

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