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How to get out of the comparison trap

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If comparison with other people is getting you down or you’re feeling the pressure of matching up to others, this one’s for you. Perhaps you’re feeling the way Peter did in the Bible—concerned about what John was doing in his own ministry and feeling the need to keep up with him. (See John 21:21)

Today we want to share the hack that Jesus gave Peter when he got too concerned about what other people were doing. In essence, he told Peter, “How does whatever John is doing affect you? You follow Me.” (See John 21:22)

Friend, you don’t need to worry about whether you’re keeping up with the Jones, producing as much results as others, or doing whatever everyone else is doing to stay ahead of the game. All you need to do is keep your eyes on Jesus and follow Him. 👀 🚶🏻

You are the Lord’s beloved and He has a personalized, unique plan for you, to give you your very own future, hope and blessings! (See Jer. 29:11) You don’t need to follow or compete with anyone else to see it come to pass. He knows exactly what you need and He leads you personally on your own journey. So, take heart, keep your eyes on Jesus and enjoy the wonderful portion He has specially for you!

This clip is from Last To First When You Trust His Goodness (15 Jul 2018)

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