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How to have faith for everything in life

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Ever found yourself believing God for so many big things at the same time, that you wonder how you’ll ever have enough faith for all of them?

You’ll be glad to know that there is actually just ONE ☝???? thing you need to put your faith in—that is: to believe that you are righteous in Christ. The Bible says that once we put our faith and believe in that, God will take care of everything else (see Matt 6:33).

There’ll be days where you don’t feel deserving of what you’re asking God for. Friend, that is the time to believe by faith that it is not your good works or self-effort that makes you deserving of His goodness, but simply because you have been made righteous through the finished work of Jesus Christ!

This clip is from The Key To Live Blessed (28 Apr 2019)

Categories: Breakthrough, Faith, Finished Work, Right Standing With God, Trusting God

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