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Tired of trying so hard to be good?

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All our well-intentions and efforts to do good cannot make us right with God—as the Apostle Paul famously once made very clear (see Rom. 7:21-25). But the good news is, Jesus’ finished work on the cross 2000 years ago has already done that, and secured our eternal salvation.

Not convinced yet? Press play and see how what your good works couldn’t do, God’s grace has done for you. And when we live under His grace, that’s when sin has no dominion over us, and we find ourselves doing the good we were previously trying so hard to do (see Rom. 6:14)!

This clip is from Receive God’s Supply For All Of Life’s Demands (13 Oct 2013)

This video is part of our series, The Case For Grace—discover why grace isn’t #basic at all. Watch the rest of the clips in this series below.

Categories: Finished Work, Grace, Rest, Right Believing, Right Standing With God, Self-effort

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