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What was done in love for you at the cross

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Ever wondered about the extent of God’s love for you? And just how much Jesus went through to purchase your healing? Hear all about it in this video that we’ve specially prepared for you.

At the cross, the altogether lovely One allowed Himself to be stripped bare of all beauty and comeliness; Jesus was disfigured past recognition, so much so that He didn’t even look human (see Isa. 52:14 MSG). Why? He did it in love for you.

We wanna encourage you to take some time today to just think about His love for you. Jesus had you in mind when He went through all that He did at the cross. He had your healing, your joy and peace in mind.

Today, prayer and partaking of the Holy Communion are not rituals you need to perform but they are precious moments where you commune with the Lover of your soul and remember all that He has done in love for you.

This clip is from: Joseph Prince—A Fresh Revelation Of The Communion Brings Healing (13 Jan 2019)

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