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Why give to God when He already has everything?

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Ever wondered why is there a need for us to give anything to God? Whether it’s our talents, our time, our energy or our money.

Or has this thought passed your mind before, “Doesn’t God already have all that He needs, what do I have to offer Him?”

Get your questions answered in this clip. 🎥

Jesus didn’t need the disciples’ boat in order to preach to the multitudes, He could have walked on water if He wanted to! But He asked Peter for the boat that He may be able to bless it (see Luke 5:3). The same is true for us today, when we give of our time and our strength to the Lord, whether it’s in volunteering at church or serving our community, the Lord never discounts it, but He always gives us back more than we can ever give. 🙌

This clip is from: Joseph Prince—Golgotha—God’s Love Revealed (27 Mar 2016)

Categories: Generosity, God's Plan, Grace, Provision & Supply, Serving God & Others

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Let God serve you first

How do you view God today? Do you see Him as a distant God demanding your unwavering, 24/7 round-the-clock service?

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