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Why you can receive what you don’t deserve

Video | 2:21 min

We understand “do good, get good, do bad, get bad” but how is it that God would give us His blessings like forgiveness and healing even when we don’t deserve them?

Because of grace! Because of His love for us, God sent His only Son to earth to save, redeem and heal us through His death, even though we had nothing to offer Him in return! Today, we have eternal life, and can enjoy all of God’s blessings (see Rom. 5:7–8 MSG, Rom. 8:32).

This clip is from Feel Disqualified? God Can Use You! (25 Feb 2018)

This video is part of our series, The Case For Grace—discover why grace isn’t #basic at all. Watch the rest of the clips in this series below.

Categories: Blessings, Finished Work, Grace, Guilt & Shame, Right Standing With God

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