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Will you let Me love you? —God

Video | 2:12 min

Happy Valentines’ Day, fam! We know this day can bring a whole mixed bag of feelings—whether it’s happiness and warm fuzzy feelings of love, or waves of loneliness and disappointment (perhaps, even anger or jealousy) from seeing everyone else happy on this day.

Whatever you’re feeling right now, we pray that you’ll be blessed by this special video we’ve prepared for you. See the tender heart of Jesus, the Lover of your soul, whose love for you is patient to no end and is personal to YOU, not just anyone else.

The truth is, He can’t wait to lavish His love on you. Would you consent to being held in His strong arms of comfort, and to be embraced by His extravagant love today?

This clip is from Find Protection Under His Wings (20 Mar 2016).

Categories: God's Love, Grace, Love, Protection, Relationship With God, Trusting God

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God wants you well

If you are still trusting God for healing, we pray that you will not give up but continue to hold on to His truth.

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