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  • Do you believe that you have God’s favor?

    Do you believe that you have God’s favor?

    Do you really believe you are favored by the Lord? Or have current circumstances in your life cause you to think otherwise? Check out our latest video and let God’s sure and unchanging Word answer this question for you. His favor upon you doesn’t fluctuate or change even when you do. You are accepted in […] More

  • Highlands (Song Of Ascent)

    Highlands (Song Of Ascent)

    We’ll be lying if we said that Hillsong United’s latest album isn’t still on repeat for us. 😶 Highlands is one of those songs that we can’t stop listening to simply because of how wonderfully real the lyrics are. It’s easy to give praise to God when things are going well but what about the […] More

  • How to live in the realm of the impossible

    How to live in the realm of the impossible

    Is “impossible” a word you’ve become familiar with? Just like young David who put his faith in the God who does the impossible even when everyone else could only see defeat (see 1 Sam. 17:45-47), can you believe that that can be your reality too? The God who did the impossible then is still doing […] More

  • Why You Can Expect Good Things to Happen To You

    Why You Can Expect Good Things to Happen To You

    “Don’t get your hopes up.” Are you the sort of person who immediately imagines the worst-case scenario whenever anything happens? An unexpected phone call in the middle of the day can’t possibly bring good news and a talk with your boss surely wouldn’t lead to a positive outcome. If you don’t expect good, then you […] More

  • How to Say the Right Thing at the Right Time

    How to say the right thing at the right time

    Know some friends (or that church mom) who ALWAYS has a word in season or seems to know whenever someone is going through a tough time and needs prayer? Ever wondered how to flow and be that person too? If that’s you, hit the play button and hear what God’s Word has to say about […] More

  • Why was Jesus raised from the dead?

    Why was Jesus raised from the dead?

    We’ve read it before, Jesus died for our sins (see 1 Peter 3:18) and to make us right with God. But what’s the deal with His resurrection? And how does that affect EVERY area of your life today? Find out in our latest video. Be set free from defeatist thoughts and see how you can […] More

  • What’s the price for your healing?

    Is it living a sin-free life? Making atonement for your mistakes? Prayer and fasting? Find out the answer in this video that we’ve specially prepared for you. Jesus could have gone straight to the cross to die for our sins but He chose to go through the whipping and the beating so that today you […] More

  • Jesus chose you

    Jesus chose you

    They say that “Love is a choice.” Whether it’s a choice to love someone even when they aren’t being very loveable or choosing to go the extra mile to bless a friend or a co-worker. But check out our latest video to see one of the biggest choices ever made in love for YOU. We […] More

  • What does God see when He looks at you?

    What does God see when He looks at you?

    When you picture God looking at you, do you see Him staring down at each one of your flaws and pointing out all the mistakes that you’ve made today? Nothing could be further from the truth. Hit the play button and discover what God sees when He looks at you, and start seeing yourself as […] More

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