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The war against disqualification

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Get ready to witness the most unfair exchange in history—one that is unfairly good in our favor!

We usually swap items of similar value with our friends during gift exchanges, but when it comes to God, what can our puny human hands give Him except our brokenness and failure? Hear this, though: God chose to be part of this crazy exchange ANYWAY. He sent His only Son, our Lord Jesus to become a curse for us on the cross. i.e. Jesus died the death we deserved for all our sins, so we could receive God’s blessings we don’t deserve (see Gal 3:13). Blessings that include more than access to heaven as our eternal home—but also blessings today: Peace for our stress, health for our sickness, and love for our loneliness. Watch and be blessed! Tag, repost, share this video!

This clip is from Set Free To Reign In Life (Live@MegaFest) (9 Jul 2017)

This video is part of our series, Love Has Won The War—see how Jesus didn’t just win victory in the greatest, most epic war of all eternity. He also won the war for your PEACE today.

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